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The Hong Kong Community Recovery Fund


There are many American values that we hold close to our hearts.  Among the most important are community, family and supporting others in times of need.  With these values in mind, the core pillars of the Hong Kong-American community came together in 2020 to create an initiative to provide urgent support to families most affected by the COVID-19 crisis in Hong Kong.  As one of the main drivers of the Hong Kong Community Recovery Fund (HKCRF), the American Club Foundation gathered the American community together to raise HK$4,000,000 to support 12 local NGOs doing work to support education, training and mental health in Hong Kong.  All of HKCRF’s beneficiary NGOs have had a hard time in the last twelve months facing pressure from increasing need in the community while receiving decreasing fundraising income.  HKCRF’s donation to them will help them build capacity to continue their vital work in the community.  For more information please visit