Mission and Vision  


The mission of the American Club Foundation (ACF) is to harness the resources and goodwill of the American Club community - including members, guests and partners - to address Hong Kong's civic and social needs. 


Recognizing the vast disparity in resources and opportunities in Hong Kong, we hope to extend an arm of support. Our promise is that we will work to make a positive and noticeable impact on the Hong Kong community by using the expertise and resources of our own community.  We hope to build a bridge between the Club’s community and the larger Hong Kong community.   ​

Mission and Vision 

Our Logo

When we were designing our logo, we had our mission and goals in mind.  We want to be able to use the resources available to our community to support the vulnerable and underprivileged in Hong Kong.  With that in mind, you can see our logo in two ways.  One as a form of shelter to protect and support the community where there is need.  Second, if you look from right to left, it is also an image of someone standing up.  We hope that with our support and resources we can provide, we can help those in need start to stand up on their own and flourish.  

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