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Flowers, Friends & Feeling Good

Mother’s Day is challenging for some, especially for the refugee women at RUN Hong Kong, who may have been separated from their children or have lost children. We decided to create a beautiful celebration of the gift of motherhood, and thanks to our superstar volunteer, Jodi Munro, and eight ACF volunteers, we did. On May 17th, ACF volunteers worked with RUN Hong Kong refugee mothers to make beautiful flower arrangements taught by ACF Volunteer Jodie Munro, sharing our skills in caring for flowers and making the Run Hong Kong mothers beautiful fresh bouquets. This was followed by cakes and tea supplied by the ACF Volunteers and us sharing meaningful discussions about motherhood and our strengths as women. This event was not only another connection with one of ACF Charity partners but a reinforcement of no matter our backgrounds how much we have in common as mothers and strong women.


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