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The American Club Foundation (ACF) is currently planning volunteer opportunities in 2020 for Club members around the themes of poverty/homelessness and environment/sustainability/food waste. These were themes selected via a survey completed by Club members. The ACF invites you to get involved and to give input in charitable programs you would like to see at the Club in 2020. Please contact ACF at info@acfhk.org to get involved or submit your ideas. Check back to this page for future volunteer opportunities. 



ACF members joined Kids4Kids' Buddy Reading program in October and November to share their love for reading with kids from low income families. The goal of the program is to provide local children with fun reading sessions to improve their English ability and nuture their creativity and love for reading and storytelling.

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Asian Charity Services

On September 28 members of the ACF volunteered to mentor NGOs at the Asian Charity Services Sprint Hackathon. ACF members partnered with NGOs to learn about the concept of design thinking and helped the NGOs innovate and improve on their programming.


Impact Hong Kong

ACF members joined Jeff Rotmeyer, the founder of ImpactHK, on a kindness walks at the end of October and November to learn more about the homelessness situation in Hong Kong. This volunteer opportunity not only educates us on the homelessness situation, but also is the perfect example of how simple acts of kindness can have such great impact on someone's life.



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