About Us

The American Club has been supporting local charities for decades.  The support has ranged from monetary donations raised through such events as an Annual Gala dinner to providing temporary memberships and other support to vetted charities. 


In 2017, the Social Committee of the Club did a review of charitable giving at the Club.  The Board of Directors made a decision to strategically and more impactfully use the resources available among the Club community to support the vulnerable and underprivileged in Hong Kong. In 2019, the American Club Foundation was formed and later granted its own legal entity with Section 88 charitable status.

The American Club Foundation brings together a caring community of engaged partners to help those who need it most. We provide funding, guidance, and support to socially innovative programs that work to improve our environment and provide opportunities for Hong Kong’s underserved.


Our vision is a caring, sustainable and more equitable Hong Kong.

What We Do

The American Club Foundation’s mission is to look at resources available in the Club community and see how it can best be used to support the vulnerable and underprivileged in Hong Kong.  To achieve this, the ACF will organize activities including:

  • Volunteer opportunities in the community.

  • In-kind goods donation drives to collect needed items for the underprivileged and vulnerable.

  • Fundraisers to raise money for local charities.

  • Projects to benefit the local community that can utilize resources and expertise available within the Club community. 

  • Educational talks by NGO leaders to explain needs in the local community and how Club members, staff, guests and partners can provide support.