Get Involved

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The American Club Foundation will work with different local charities to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for the ACF community.  There will be opportunities suitable for families as well as for teenagers to participate by themselves.  There will also be skills-based opportunities available for adults to support local charities.

The American Club Foundation will organise community events including collection of goods to be donated to the local community as well as educational events to help the ACF community understand local needs and how we can help.  These community events will also introduce the ACF community to different local charities in Hong Kong and explore more opportunities for us to get involved.


The American Club Foundation has organised a number of different events since June 2019.  Please read more about them here.

The American Club Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help out in a number of ways - planning programs, communications support, accounting support, fundraising, among other things.  If you are interested in supporting the work we do, please contact Janet Wang at

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