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Providing Opportunities For Every Child

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Please help underprivileged students get ready for the new school year.

Your donation will provide valuable workshops, arts programs and essential school supplies offered by our charity partner, Changing Young Lives Foundation ("CYLF"). The funds raised will directly benefit students living in Sham Shui Po, one of Hong Kong's poorest neighborhoods.

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Help empower young learners both in the classroom and beyond by donating below.


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*CSSA recipients are those who cannot support themselves financially to meet their basic needs


Imagine a child with unlimited potential denied the chance to explore their passions and talents. Sadly, this is the reality for far too many underprivileged kids in Hong Kong. Studies show their family could only spend less than $500 per month for extra-curricular activities, and over 50% can't even join a single workshop - simply because their families cannot afford the fees (SoCO, 2018).


But your donation of just HK$100 can open the door to a world of possibilities for a child in need. It allows them to kick-start their first extra-curricular activity, whether it's learning to play an instrument, exploring the wonders of science, or developing their art skills. These enriching experiences don't just nurture skills and talents - also build their confidence, empower them to reach their full potential and transform their lives in ways you can scarcely imagine.


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Yin Shan grew up in a single-parent family with 3 younger siblings. Surviving on social allowance, her mother couldn’t afford any extra-curricular opportunities for the children even though Yin Shan had been struggling with schooling and low self-esteem since lower primary. Referred by school social worker, for nearly a decade, Yin Shan attended academic support workshops and received 1-on-1 mentoring in life planning at CYLF.

Today, Yin Shan is a senior student of Engineering Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a confident young lady with tons of hopes for the future.


American Club Foundation will allocate donations for designated projects in accordance with the donor’s intent. However, when the designated project is fully funded, additional donations will be used where needed most for more efficient use of resources without prior notice.

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