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Three New Charity Partners Start The New Year With a Bang

We are proud to announce that our three chosen charities for 2023 have each been awarded a grant of HK$500,000. They are ImpactHK, Run Hong Kong, and The Chatteris Educational Foundation. Please see below for more about the projects we are funding and how this grant will impact our charity partners, from the charity directors themselves.


Funding Project : Accommodation program and staff for 75 homeless

Beneficiaries :Over 400 Hong Kong citizens who are experiencing homelessness

“Impact HK are so grateful and proud to partner with The American Club Foundation in providing safe shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness in our community. This is a partnership that goes beyond giving beds for some of the most vulnerable individuals in our city, it also provides a great opportunity for you to learn more about homelessness and the importance of kindness during these challenging times. “

Jeff Rotmeyer, Founder, Impact HK

Chatteris Educational Foundation

Funding Project :“World City, World Education”

Provide tutors to deliver Chatteris English Development Programme in a school supporting less privileged students

Beneficiaries: Schools serving substantial proportion of less privileged students

"Funding from the American Club Foundation allows us not only to empower Hong Kong’s young disadvantaged people through better education, but potentially provide an innovative route for more creative and intercultural aware educators."

Ben Weetman, CEO, Chatteris Educational Foundation

RUN Hong Kong

Funding Project :

Provide financial assistance for housing and medical assistance for refugees


Currently serving over 200 of the 13,000 refugees in Hong Kong.

"The American Club Foundation is now providing lifesaving support to female refugee participants at RUN by providing them with access to healthcare, housing and food. This support allows the women to recover from trauma and focus on their future." Virginie Goethals, Co Founder of RUN Hong Kong


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